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Oregon Trail Council ~ Greenwood District

 Life to Eagle Letter 

“Eagle Scouts are recognized as a group of men who are outstanding
in all that Scouting represents.”

-Robert J. Mazzucca, Chief Scout Executive


You have earned the Life Scout rank and are ready to begin your Eagle Scout leadership service project. Before you begin your project, your project plan must be reviewedapproved, and signed by the following people: the beneficiary of the project, your unit committee, and last the district advancement committee.

To make an appointment for district approval, please contact one of the people listed below: (Remember, do not choose someone from the list that is affiliated with your unit or with whom you have a personal or family relationship.)

For questions about the Eagle Process:
Dave Ragsdale   Eagle Chair – T100 541-343-8370
For Eagle Project Approval:
Mark Babcock  OA Advisor - T89 541-520-5817
Bill Bauer Activities Chair – T177 541-689-4159
Frank Dietz Asst. Dist. Commissioner 541-997-7437
Tim Loftis Program Chair – T54 541-520-6477
Ed Nitkowski Roundtable Staff - T100 541-686-1327
Randy Purdy Troop 177 541-235-7085                                       
Don Williams Troop 100 541-345-7875  

When your leadership service project and Scoutmaster conference  have been completed and you are ready for the Eagle Board of Review, you must sign and submit the Eagle Scout Rank ApplicationService Project Workbook and a statement about yourself to the council service center no later than the first Friday of the month.

Your application and workbook will be verified, references contacted and then forwarded to the Eagle Board Chairman who will contact you to set up an Eagle Board of Review.   The Greenwood District Eagle Board of Review meets each month on the third Thursday.

Be sure to review the 12 steps to Eagle on the Council Life to Eagle page.

We encourage you forward to the elite group of Eagle Scouts.  Good Luck


The Greenwood District Advancement Committee

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