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2525 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
Eugene, OR, 97401
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Oregon Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America serves more than 5,000 youth, supported by over 2,500 adults in over 400 units. It includes 7 districts in 6 counties covering Western Oregon including communities like Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Roseburg, and Coos Bay. Scouts are also served along the Oregon Coast is covered from Lincoln City to Brookings. 

Klondike Derby

January 25-27, 2019
Lemolo Sand Sheds, east of Roseburg

DIRECTIONS to Lemolo Sand Sheds: Located 73 miles East of Roseburg the south side of Highway 138 just before the junction with the road on the north side of the highway that leads to Lemolo Lake. Camping is available in a conifer forest with snow of an unknown depth. Parking is available in a plowed area adjacent to the Oregon Department of Transportation work site. The event is located on the Diamond Lake Ranger District on the Umpqua National Forest. Cell phone coverage exists.

Contact Chair: Eugene Regan 541-677-0070

Webelos Scouts: Webelos are encouraged to attend for the day, but if they spend the night, they must follow all appropriate guidelines with adult leadership. Webelos can participate as a Webelos den or join in with a patrol of Scouts from a troop.

Camping: Camping is encouraged by all participants. Use of certified weed-free hay or straw for comfort under a tent is permitted by the Umpqua National Forest. If troops bring weed-free hay or straw with them, they must also bring a copy of the certification for this material and give it to the Klondike Derby Chair upon arrival. Sanitary facilities are on site. Each troop must bring their own drinking water. No water available on-site. Be prepared for winter weather including snow, cold temperatures, wind, and bright sunshine. Practice “Leave No Trace” principles at the Klondike Derby. Absolutely NO flames, burners, fires, stoves, or heaters are allowed in any tent.

Klondike Patch 2019.png

Klondike Derby sleds are customary for each groups, but are not required. However, each group must have a method to transport your Klondike Derby supplies from one station to the next.

Each Scout needs to be properly dressed with appropriate winter clothing. No Scouts over the age of 18 may compete in the stations. Adults may follow along but are encouraged to let the Scouts and patrol leaders use their skills. Adults should only get involved in the event of a serious safety situation where your assistance is needed.

Suggested Personal Scout Equipment to Bring

  • Long underwear not made of cotton

  • Winter boots with liners

  • Warm socks not made of cotton

  • Warm jackets and windbreaker

  • Two pairs of good gloves/mittens

  • Warm hat not made of cotton

  • A chair to sit on while in camp

  • Good sleeping bag and foam pad and ground cloth

  • Tent with rain/snow fly

  • Scout spirit

  • Eating utensils

  • Day pack with water bottles

  • Flashlight with extra batteries

  • Pocket knife on a rope so it won’t get lost

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and chapstick

  • Rain gear

  • Wash kit with medications if needed

  • Scout Handbook in a zip-lock bag



10am Units may arrive to set up their camp

5:30-8pm Dinner in your campsite

10pm Lights out, quiet time


8:45-9:15 Registration

9:15-9:30 Welcome & Orientation

9:30-10:10 First Station, 35 minutes plus 5 minutes to travel

10:10-10:40 Second Station

10:40-11:10 Third Station

11:10-11:40 Fourth Station

11:40-12:10 Fifth Station

1210-1230 Lunch at your Fifth Station

1230-1:00 PM Sixth Station

1:00-1:30 Seventh Station

1:30-2:00 Eight Station

2:00-2:30 Ninth Station Patrol, Leaders must return the scorecard

2:30-2:45 Iditarod Sled Race & Scoutmaster Snowshoe Race

3:00-3:30 Awards Presentation

4:00 Travel home if not staying for the night

5:00-7:30 Dinner in your campsite

10:00 Lights out, quiet time


7:00-9:00 Breakfast in your campsite

9:00-11:00 Pack up

11:00- Travel home, See you next year!

Participants will be graded on teamwork, Scout Spirit and the task they are faced with at each station. patrols/crews are encouraged to bring their flag and give their yell at each station. Units which arrive late will only be able to compete in the stations based on their arrival time. No make-up sessions for late arrivals will be available.

Each patrol/crew must bring their lunch with them and stoves to cook their lunch at their fifth competition station. Hot cocoa will be available at no cost to all participants along the trail.