August 1 Sale Begins: Online & Take Order
August 31 Program Planners Due
September 4 Show and Sell / Show and Deliver order due via Trail’s End popcorn system
September 23-25 Show and Sell Product Pick-up at district location
October 29-30 Show ‘n Sell Turn-In (money, full-case returns) 
October 29-30 Sale Ends
November 2 All units submit “Take Order” via
Trail’s End Popcorn System
Online Unit Prize Orders Due
November 18–20   “Take Order” Product Pick-up at district location
December Roundtable

Unit Kernel turns in popcorn money to District Kernel. One check per unit for just your product costs and you keep your commission. No more waiting for a commission check in the maill. Make checks payable to Oregon Trail Council. 

December 4

Take Order Settlement Paperwork
Scholarship Forms Due to Council Office




COMMISSION: New this year: You keep your commission and pay only what is due. No more waiting for a check. Yay!


Benton: Michele Bojanowski
Cascade: Karen Lessar
Chinook: Jay Schaefer

Doug Fir: Sharon Muck
Greenwood: Rob MacLuan
Wacoma:  Bill Hamilton
Yaquina:  Jeff Weiss


Staff Advisor: Rex Starr
Staff Assistant: Crystal Mischel

College Scholarship Enrollment Form
College Scholarship Payout Form


  1. PRIZES – Scouts may choose a prize from the catalog provided by Trail’s End, based on their total sale. Prizes are based on individual sales. Each Scout may select one prize from the sales level reached, or from a combination of lower levels.
  2. TOP-SELLER EVENT DRAWING – Fill up a popcorn order form and enter each week for a drawing on the dates below from the forms we have received for a $25 gift card. Send a copy of a “filled up” popcorn order form to Oregon Trail Council, 2525 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Eugene, OR 97401, fax to 541 484-3080, or email to cmischel@otcbsa.orgDrawings will be held September 18th, September 25th, October 2nd, October 9th, October 16th and October 23rd. Once your form is turned in, you do not need to re-submit it for the remainder of the drawings. You have a chance to win every time we do a drawing. You will be entered once for every order form you fill up and submit. You will not get credit if the ENTIRE bottom portion of each form is not filled out completely and correctly.
  3. FOR EVERY FILL-IT-UP FORM A UNIT KERNEL TURNS IN FROM THEIR UNIT, the Unit Kernel will be entered into a drawing to be held September 18th, October 2nd, and October 16th for a $50 gift card.
  4. TOP SELLERS EVENT – University of Oregon game & pizza lunch. Dates, times and event to be announced.
  5. ONLINE SALES – Scout with the highest online sales between August 1 – October 31 will receive a $50 gift card. $250 sales minimum to qualify.
  6. $600 CLUB – Cub Scouts who sell $600 will receive a Zing Firetek Rocket. Boy Scouts who sell $600 will receive a Rosewood Multi-tool with Hammer.
  7. MYSTERY HOUSE!- NEW THIS YEAR! Be the first to find the “Mystery House” in a neighborhood in your district and win a new bike! While you are out working on Take Orders or Show ‘n Deliver door-to-door, you may find the “Mystery House” and receive a voucher for a new bike. So go out there and knock on those doors.
  8. COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS – Scouts who sell $2,500 or more are eligible for a Trail’s End Scholarship. Trail’s End will create an account for each qualifying Scout and deposit 6% of the Scout’s total sale into the account. Money will stay in your scholarship account and grow until he’s ready for college. Please see sell.trails-end.com for full details.


District Date / Time Location
Benton August 18
7:00 pm
Grace Lutheran Church
435 NW 21st St, Corvallis
Cascade August 20
6:30 pm
Oregon Trail Council Office
Chinook August 19
6:00 pm
Dave's Pizza
740 Koos Bay Blvd, Coos Bay
Doug Fir August 25
6:00 pm
Douglas Co Library
1409 NE Diamond Lake Blvd, 
Greenwood August 20
6:30 pm
Oregon Trail Council Office
Wacoma September 1
7:00 pm
LDS Church, Brookings
Yaquina August 4
7:00 pm
LDS Chapel, 2229 NE Crestview Dr, Newport
  Oregon Trail Council  Boy Scouts of America
2525 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Eugene OR 97401
541-485-4433  |  web@otcbsa.org