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Especially Kindergarteners & 1st Graders
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A few simple steps can make all the difference for a boy and his family!


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Cub Round Up Action Plan

Getting Started

  • Meet with Teachers for any grade where the den needs recruiting attention
  • Ask them about great parents that potentially could be Den Leaders
  • Build your list of potential Tiger and other Den Leaders as needed
  • Select one adult member of the Pack to serve as the Tiger “Coach” or Mentor
  • This person will help the new Tiger Parents get organized and off to a great start.  This also allows your pack time to get to know the parents and select the right person for Tiger Den Leader
  • Get all your Pack’s fun summer activities (including camps) into a “Summer Calendar”
  • Organize a FUN recruiting event (KISMIF = Keep It Simple, Make It Fun)
  • Invite all the Kindergarteners, First Graders and their families
  • Send Letters, Flyers, Use Business Cards, Invitations, and MAKE CALLS to Families in your School, Talk it up!


The Round Up Meeting (60 minutes MAX)

  • Plan the meeting well:
  • Before the Meeting (30 min. before meeting)
  • Make sure families can find you – Put up easy to see signs
  • Have Applications and other joining materials and Pack info ready for new families
  • Set up your meeting space
  • Pre- Opening or Gathering Activity (20 min. before meeting)
  • Welcome families as they arrive & make sure everyone signs in with contact info for follow up
  • Have a Game that anyone can join at any time – i.e. Balloon Volley Ball
  • Have displays of Pack activities  for families to see
  • Opening & Welcome (5 min.)
  • Teach the Cub Scout Sign and Salute - Pledge of Allegiance – Fun song, etc. MAKE IT FUN AND ENERGETIC!
  • Let everyone know what is going to happen
  • Activity for Boys (plan for 30 min.)
  • Send boys off with Den Leaders to have FUN!!!
  • Parent Talk (max 30 min.)
  • Cover the basics – DON’T OVER SELL
  • SHARE A CALENDAR: Parents want to know When, Where, How Much $, and what they need to do.
  • Spend some time on the Why of Cub Scouting and how it benefits the Boy and Family
  • Den Organization (15 min.)
  • Invite Boys back and break up into Den Groups
  • Den Leaders help families finish filling out applications, collect apps with fees and schedule next Den meeting
  • Closing (5 min.)
  • Celebrate the New Families and Cub Scouts
  • Have a small ceremony to welcome the new Cubs and their families to the Pack
  • Keep it brief
  • Clean Up
  • Everyone can help
  • FEEL GREAT knowing that you’ve done a great job and that your Cubs and families can look forward to a fantastic adventure in Scouting!
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