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2525 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
Eugene, OR, 97401
United States


Oregon Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America serves more than 5,000 youth, supported by over 2,500 adults in over 400 units. It includes 7 districts in 6 counties covering Western Oregon including communities like Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Roseburg, and Coos Bay. Scouts are also served along the Oregon Coast is covered from Lincoln City to Brookings. 

Planned Giving

5 reasons to consider donating all or a portion of your traditional IRA to Oregon Trail Council:

  1. Value of IRA donated to Oregon Trail Council is not included in your Estate. While the current federal Estate & Gift tax exclusion is $5.49 million, the Oregon Gift & Estate tax exclusion is only $1.0 million. 

  2. Federal estate tax rates start at 18% but quickly rise to 40%. Oregon Estate tax rates start at 10% and can go as high as 18%. These taxes can be avoided on the value of the IRA donated to Scouting.

  3. Oregon Trail Council does not pay taxes on the value of the IRA it receives; the full value creates a legacy to Scouting.
  4. Consider leaving other property (common stock, mutual funds, property) to children/grandchildren who will receive a step in basis to fair market value at date of death. This is not true for traditional IRAs.
  5. It is easy to do. Contact your IRA custodian to get a beneficiary designation form. Fill it out and return to IRA custodian. Update your will to reflect this designation. 

CAUTION: ROTH IRAs, while included in your estate, are not taxed to beneficiaries when they take distributions. Consult your tax adviser before designating a charity to receive a ROTH IRA.

Oregon Trail Council's development team will work closely and confidentially with you and your financial advisers to ensure that your gift achieves your individual goals and expresses your personal vision for the Boy Scouts of America.

When you support Oregon Trail Council, you can choose from a number of convenient ways to make a gift. Often, the type of gift you wish to make will determine the techniques available to you. Also, depending on the type of gift and the technique used, special tax and financial benefits can result.

Designating your Gift
Through a gift, you might create a campership so the success you now enjoy is made possible for others. Or your interests might lie in enhancing summer camp, Scoutreach, training, or a specific program within the council. Your gift can be an individual expression of your vision and goals.

As you begin to define your goals, there are some questions you might consider: What are my personal objectives and needs? What are my financial goals? What is the best asset to use to make my gift? Which gift plans can best accomplish my goals for my family and the Boy Scouts of America?

The Oregon Trail Council development staff is a resource for you. The staff is experienced in gift planning and understands the importance of philanthropy as a part of a successful overall estate plan. We are available to assist you and your advisers as you consider the many opportunities presented in this informational material. Our goal is to present you with options and to help you make the best choice possible. We accomplish this by ensuring that your gift expresses your interests in Scouting, and maximizes the benefits you and Oregon Trail Council receive from your gift. Scouting’s planned giving professionals will work closely and confidentially with you and your financial advisers to ensure that your gift achieves your individual goals, and expresses your personal vision for Oregon Trail Council.