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2525 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
Eugene, OR, 97401
United States


Oregon Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America serves more than 5,000 youth, supported by over 2,500 adults in over 400 units. It includes 7 districts in 6 counties covering Western Oregon including communities like Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Roseburg, and Coos Bay. Scouts are also served along the Oregon Coast is covered from Lincoln City to Brookings. 


Rechartering, or charter renewal, is the annual process where each unit renews their youth and adult lists before everyone’s membership expires at year-end. Maintaining accurate lists helps everyone on their Scouting journey. You will use this online tool to walk through the steps and print your final documents at the end.

Click through this training demo. It’s a cheat sheet!



Internet Browsers: The system works best using Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge (or Explorer). Safari works okay, but occasionally does not show all features.

Start & Stop

  • You can stop and start at any time.

  • When returning, you are no longer a First Time User, click Returning User then re-enter your access code and password.

  • You can pick-up where you left off. Return as many times as needed as long as you don’t click Submit.

  • Print out a DRAFT copy of your Charter Renewal Application Roster - This is your reference copy to write any changes on before completing your recharter online.

Adult & Youth Applications - Most of the work of rechartering involves completing applications for new leaders.

  • Youth Applications are needed for new youth or youth transferred from another unit.

  • Adult Applications are needed from:

    • New adults – include the Background Check Authorization (last page) + current Youth Protection certificate; a total of 3 pages per adult

    • Adults coming from a different unit (e.g. from a pack to the troop)


  • Do use full names - Help keep your records straight by using full legal names. Using other names or nicknames causes duplicate entries and confuses BSA records, training, and subscriptions. The correct name is especially important for processing internet advancement.

  • Do not use punctuation - The system is unable to process punctuation. Please remove any punctuation from names or addresses. For names like O’Hara, delete the punctuation to OHara. For address with punctuation (1345 N.E. Daniel Rd. Apt #13), leave it out (1345 NE Daniel Rd Apt 13).

  • Do Boys’ Life - New Scouts who pay for Boys’ Life will begin receiving their magazine subscriptions in March and will go through February of the following year.

  • Do use the Promote button - Youth and adults moving “up” between units with the same number and charter organization may use the Promote button to move boys and adults. You will need the access code for the old unit.

  • Don’t drop Scouts until you know - Use caution when dropping youth. Do not drop a youth just because you don’t know them. Ask a unit leader first to confirm the Scout’s participation status. If a youth isn’t active, consider leaving them registered and work next year to get him involved. Often Scouts just need outreach and fellowship to reconnect.



May I use the same password as last year? Yes. That was easy.

I lost my password. What do I do? Call the council office and the registrar will reset your account. 541-485-4433

I am using a Mac and the system is not working. Unfortunately, the system does not work fully on Safari. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge (or Explorer) on your Mac.

Does everyone fill out a new application? No. Only members who are new to your unit (youth or adult). If information for old members has changed (e.g. new address, different leader position) then make the changes. If they are listed on your roster, they do not need an application.

The executive officer (EO) is someone different from last year, how do I change this info? An application is not needed. You can change the info online, however, you will need some info first like address, phone, birth date, and email.

I finished, hit Submit button, and just found a change or a new boy joined the unit. What do I do? The recharter print-outs are just a snapshot in time. You can write on the print-outs or send any applications or changes that occur after rechartering to council staff. The council will make the changes.

Who is the “unit leader” when signing documents?  A unit leader is the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity Scout Coach, Venturing Advisor, or Skipper.

Who is the council representative? No worries here. This is where the council staff signs.

Can the charter representative (CR) sign the final print-outs instead of the EO? No, this is the only time that the executive officer must sign for themselves. Their signature approves the current leadership and reaffirms the chartering organization’s role with the unit.

Why won’t my access code work? You may be entering the code correctly, but are hitting the Returning User button. Each year when you start the rechartering process, you will always be a First Time User. Only after entering your contact info and password will you be a Returning User just for this year’s rechartering. It starts all over again next year.